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You always wanted to try yourself as a painter but you are

afraid of a white clean canvas? And you are scared to try?


Then do it with us! In a nice company and nice atmosphere!



You want to paint a picture and decorate your room with it? Or give it as a present for the one your love?  Then let us guide you step by step and you will create your masterpiece easy and effortless!






How long does the even take place?


The event takes about 3-4 hours. If you need more time – of course our tutor will not leave you alone and will help you along the way.


What kind of clothes should I wear?


Every guest will get an apron to protect the clothes.  But anyway please don't wear your best suit.


What do I get for the price that I've paid?


We provide canvas, brushes, paints, apron for you. Food and drink are not included. You can order with the menu at the venue.


Can I paint any other picture, not the one that is declared for this event?


Yes! You can paint any other picture from our other events or bring your own ideas. We will help you in your creative process as well. Just let us know and send the picture beforehand per email or Facebook / Instagram Messanger so we could prepare all the colors you might need.


Which paints will we use?


We use acrylic paints.  They have bright colors and dry quickly.


Can I bring the friend without a ticket spontaneously?


Yes, sure! But please write us beforehand anyway so we could prepare a canvas and all the stuff for him/her.


Which language does the tutor speak?


The tutor speaks German and English. Just let her know once you are there which is your comfortable language.


Can I buy the ticket as a present for someone?


Of course! Just write us and we will send you a Present Coupon (Gutschein).





Join us for fun time to realise  your art potential, enjoy nice food and drinks and make new friends!

Let's get it started!

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